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Alan Charles BIRD,155 Turney Rd,London,SE25 7JU. Married with 2 children.

Nationality: British           Born:   4th July, 1938 -Bromley,Kent.

Qualifications: MRCS, LRCP, 1961; MB, BS (Lond.) 1961; DO (Lond.)1964; FRCS (Eng.)1967; MD (Lond.) 1974; FRCOphthal 1988, FMedSci. 2000 .

Education: May l965 – Dec. 1967 Resident Surgical Officer,MoorfieldsEyeHospital.

July 1968 – Aug. 1969 Clinical Fellow, Bascom Palmer Eye, Institute,Miami,Florida.

Aug. 1969 – March 1976 Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader,InstituteofOphthalmology,London.


Present appointment Emeritus Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology, Institute of Ophthalmology, 11-43 Bath Street, London  EC1V 9EL;  Honorary Consultant, Moorfields Eye Hospital, City Road, London   EC1V 2PD. Telephone: 02075662257; Fax: 0207 251 9350; email: [email protected]


Recent Honours


1994      51st. Jackson Lecture, American Academy of Ophthalmology.

2002      Bowman Lecture, RCOphth

2003      Krill Memorial Lecture,Chicago

2004      Lang Lecture, Royal Society of Medicine.

2004      Helen Keller Award

2004      Alcon Award

2009      Mildred Weisenfeld award and lecture, ARVO

2010      Gonin Medal, U. of Lausanne and ICO.


Selected Publications

Bird AC,AndersonJ, Fuglsang H.  Morphology of posterior segment lesions of the eye in patients with onchocerciasis.  Br J Ophthalmol 1976; 60: 2-20.

Bird AC, El Sheikh H, Anderson J, Fuglsang H. Visual loss during oral DEC treatment for onchocerciasis. Lancet 1979; 46-7.

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von Rückmann A, Fitzke FW,  Bird AC. Distribution of fundus autofluorescence with a scanning laser ophthalmoscope. Br J Ophthalmol  1995; 79: 407-12.

Payne AM, Downes SM, Bessant DA, Plant C, Moore AT, Bird AC, Bhattacharya SS. Genetic analysis of the guanylate cyclase activator 1B(GUCA1B) gene in patients with autosomal dominant retinal dystrophies. J Med Genet 1999;36:691-3.

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